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MexControl has just completed performing incoming source inspections of electronics components and subassemblies for a major US contract manufacturer which puts together products in its Mexican factory in Guadalajara. MexControl teams were engaged and sent by the Mexican factory to facilitate and sort out the transfer of manufacturing materials from its US factory to its Mexican factory.

Control Mexican Quality

MexControl provides Supplier Product Quality Management

MexControl provides supplier product quality management services to US and international companies which outsource assembly and production work to Mexico based factories. MexControl have nationwide technical and quality engineering and quality teams for sorting and containment, rework, quality problems resolution, source inspection, supplier audits, process audits, production quality control, random product inspection for automotive components, electronic sub-assemblies, mechanical components and advanced consumer electronic products.

MexControl is organized for consumer, telecommunications, high-tech electronics, computer hardware, plastics, die casting and metallurgical technological products quality control. Our teams have strong experiences in IPC610, ISO/TS/IATF 16949 , ISO2000, AS 9100, AIAG and most international quality standards . We work with automotive Tier 1, 2, 3 suppliers on implementing GM CS1, CS2, DMX, Toyota, and other OEM quality management systems and standards.

By using MexControl you have MexControl Supplier Management Relationship Teams available on site to provide you with constant feedback on your supply conformance and compliance to your supplier quality expectations.

contact for more information
To know what we do and who our customers are:

Contact Isabel at 1 800 692 8539 (toll-free) or +1 954 443 0046  in USA or Paty at +52 1 3310 522026 in Mexico or email

MexControl expands  its telecommunications products inspection teams

from 2 to 15 in Guadalajara to handle source inspection and process audits at an international electronics manufacturing contractor's facility. Mexcontrol was chosen by the supplier to ensure that its factory production meets the US telecommunications customer's quality expectations. MexControl has a  customer 4 star rating on our  work standards. For more information on our capabilities and referral checks in the US and Mexico, email

MexControl has secured a major contract with a major US automotive tier 1 supplier

that provides cables and wire harnessing for cars assembled in the US and Mexico. Our customer uses MexControl to reduce unnecessary inspections and to minimize the high sorting and containment costs charged by its US customer’s mandated US based 3rd party inspection company. Find out why our customer finds it necessary to reduce unnecessary quality costs in the US. Email Isabel at for more information.
So You want to Know whether we are Good or Reliable?
There is no better way than to ask our Customers in the US about our work in Mexico and China. References are always available on request. Or you can ask  suppliers in Mexico whether MexControl is  an asset or liability to them! After 15 years MexControl either have a good or bad reputation. If it is bad, its time to improve to be better or be gone!

Contact Isabel at 1 800 692 8539 (toll-free) or +1 954 443 0046  or
Paty at +52 1 3310 522026 for good news and bad news about our work.
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